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LUKE 6:31

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Our Story

serving others & living by the golden rule

Hi there! My name is Lauren Grace Perry and I am a junior at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, TX. Ever since I was little, "do unto others" has been my daily mantra. My parents instilled the values of compassion and kindness in me from a young age, and I have sought to mirror God's love through those values everyday.

I spent my senior year of high school researching period poverty in the US and around the globe. Period poverty is the lack of access to feminine care products, feminine healthcare education, and sanitation facilities. Over the last three years, I have become incredibly passionate about this issue, and I want to give back in someway to women who struggle to manage their periods effectively. I want to "do unto others" and provide other women with the same access to feminine care that I am able to have. Therefore, 30% of the funds raised from this line will be directly donated to organizations that are working to end period poverty. Some of these organizations include Arkansas Women's Outreach, Zana Africa, and the Pad Project International.

I hope you will join me on this journey of do unto others, and live out everyday loving others the way God loves us!

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